Blind Dog Gets Custom Made 'Cane' To Stop Her Bashing Into Things

This is so lovely.

When your dog goes blind, it can be pretty heartbreaking to watch (and often, hear) them bumping into furniture every few minutes.

Amid the "whacks" and "thuds" you fear that they're going to do themselves some damage. But short of wrapping everything in bubble wrap, there's not an awful lot you can do.

To protect their tiny blind dog's snout, one inventive family decided to create her a custom made "cane".

The cane is essentially a strip of plastic which curves around the front of the dog's face, a few inches from her nose.

When she knocks into something, the plastic will feel the full force of impact and she will know to change direction.

A video of the dog using her cane was uploaded to Imgur by user 'gbifurcate', where it has since been viewed more than one million times.

Judging by her wagging tail, she's loving it.

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