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18 Pictures Of Short Hairstyles To Inspire Your Next Cut

From bobs to lobs, we've got you covered.

Short hair is more in Vogue than ever - with countless celebs going for the chop, there's no shortage of style ideas. 

There's also this very handy little rule for determining if a bob or lob would suit your face.

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But how do you know if it's right for your life? Sapphire Driver, salon manager at Bleach London gave The Huffington Post UK the lowdown on what goes into short hair styling.

"Short haircuts are good for most hair types but very thick hair types will have to keep it short and maintained to avoid it looking unkempt," she explained.

"Short hair needs to be cut every 8 weeks or so to maintain the length and style. It can start to look weighty or flat if it's left to grow out for too long."

But there's good news for those wanting a lie-in: "It may not need to be washed too often, just rinsed and restyled and then a good shampoo every few days."

When it comes to styling here's what you need: "Texturising products are great to give a bit of a messy look to short hair or gels and pomades for a shiny, slick look.

"Unless the hair is bleached it’s best not to load short hair with loads of treatments. If it feels dry then used a moisturising treatment once every two weeks."

Check out our favourite celebrity styles below:

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