'Bodyguard': 21 Tweets That Perfectly Sum Up The Drama Of Episode 1

And breathe.

The BBC had hearts up and down the nation pounding on Sunday night, as their new drama ‘Bodyguard’ kicked off with one of the tensest first episodes imaginable.

Penned by the man behind ‘Line Of Duty’, we all should have known to expect to sit on the edge of our seats of for 60 minutes, but that still didn’t help us as we watched Sgt David Budd faced with stopping an impending terror attack on a London-bound train.

But even when that was over, there wasn’t much let up, as the audience was set up for what should be an even better second episode.

Here’s 21 things viewers at home experienced as they sat through the endurance test that was episode one...

1. There were some people who tuned in that got something very different to what they were expecting

2. The first scene had viewers so caught up, they discovered talents they didn’t know they had

3. The sigh of relief when the bomb was finally diffused could be heard up and down the country

4. Although, that isn’t to say the scene didn’t have one massive plot hole

5. Make that two

6. It also taught us some valuable lessons

7. It really was an advert against driver-only trains

8. While many were left wondering if they would ever use public transport again

10. Of course, there were some die-hard train fans out there who couldn’t help but point out some production errors

11. While Julia Montague was obviously a nightmare, her PA Chanel didn’t garner much sympathy

12. A BBC presenter also had a message to anyone finding themselves in a similar coffee-stained position to the Home Secretary

13. It wasn’t just humans who were glued to the show throughout

15. Or even just mammals

16. Those who took issue with the number of women in senior roles on the show were rightly shut down

17. Richard Madden’s potential to take on another huge leading role was obvious to many

18. The ending left people concluding that love and hate are two sides of the same coin

19. The next episode could not come soon enough for some

20. Although others were grateful they had 24 hours to recover

21. And for those that needed a bit of Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner in their lives after all that drama, Channel 5 had you covered

‘Bodyguard’ continues on Monday at 9pm on BBC One.


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