01/05/2017 14:08 BST

'Line Of Duty' Series 5 Not Expected To Air Until 2019

But we want it now!

If you’re still reeling from the most recent ‘Line Of Duty’ finale and are already counting down the weeks until you can get your fix again, we’re afraid we may have some disappointing news.

A fifth series of the hit BBC police drama is in the works, so viewers can look forward to more mystery and intrigue in the future.

Sadly, though, that future probably isn’t as near as some fans might like.

'Line Of Duty' series four has been a hit

Series creator Jed Mercurio told The Mirror of the show’s future: “The plan is we won’t shoot ‘Line Of Duty’ series five until next year and that means it won’t be on air until 2019.

"I am not planning to write it until next year because I am working on [another project].”

Jed previously teased that the fifth series of ‘Line Of Duty’ would “delve into [Superintendent Ted Hastings’] past”, revealing to Radio Times: “'Line Of Duty' has a very big story arc across all the series and one of the things that we haven't done is to delve into Hastings' past. That will happen in a future series.”

The critically-lauded fourth series of ‘Line Of Duty’ finally wrapped up on Sunday (30 April) night.

While most of the series’ plot had revolved around the mysterious Balaclava Man, the series finale saw the character finally unmasked, with the result proving divisive among ‘Line Of Duty’ fans, with some praising the reveal, and others suggesting it was a little too on the obvious side.

Long-term viewers were also treated to two familiar faces from earlier in the show’s history.

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