Downing Street's Revolutionary Idea Of Holding Bonfire Night Outside Has Sparked Only Irritation

"Where do we start with this one..."
Twitter brutally mocked the government's new advice
Twitter brutally mocked the government's new advice

Downing Street has released new guidance on how to stay safe from Covid during Bonfire Night and Halloween – but it has only ignited ridicule on Twitter.

The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) in London tweeted out its guidance for avoiding Covid during the colder months on Thursday.

Its new poster reads: “Meeting friend or family on Bonfire Night?

“Meeting outdoors is safer. If you meet indoors, let fresh air in.”

Covid infection rates do drop when people meet up outdoors as the virus can be blown away, whereas it can be trapped when indoors.

Downing Street has been pushing for people to take more precautions of their own volition over the coming months as the case numbers continue to rise.

Ministers have suggested that if the public are more careful now, there’s a greater chance we could dodge a winter lockdown later.

No.10 has stopped short of making some social distancing measures mandatory by introducing its backup Covid strategy, plan B.

However, this new advice seems to miss a very obvious point – that Bonfire Night is always held outside, otherwise it would be a major fire hazard and pose a significant health risk.

Twitter was, as usual, quick to pick up on this overlooked detail.

Actress and TV personality Denise Welch joked: “Bummer!! I was so looking forward to my kitchen bonfire party!!!!”


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