bonfire night

Remember, remember the fifth of November. There are still events taking place during the pandemic.
Our pets rarely enjoy the firework displays around Guy Fawkes Night. Follow these tips to look after your furry friends.
Do you consider yourself a kind person? If so, how can you support firework displays? The price of those bangs and flashes is just too high, author Chas Newkey-Burden writes.
School nurse Nicola Pearson, 45, found herself unable to breathe during a fireworks display. Here's how to stay safe while enjoying Bonfire Night festivities.
Bonfire night can be "the most polluted night of the year in the UK", says expert.
The float was described as "bad taste all around" by one bystander.
Some will point to this as an isolated incident but the morally repugnant act of laughing at suffering has happened a lot lately
I’m perfectly on board with the celebrations, the bonfires, and the fireworks - provided that they are staged and managed by professionals who know how to do these things safely