The Border Mail Unwittingly Publishes Picture Of Man's Testicle

What a colossal balls up.

A man’s testicle was the unlikely star of Australian newspaper The Border Mail’s back page in a recent edition, when staff at the publication failed to notice someone had sneakily put a knacker on show while posing for a photograph.

You’ve been warned, there is a testicle in this picture.

If you’re sure you want to see it, take a look.

Just don’t say we didn’t tell you.

Seriously. Look at your own risk.

The image was also published on their website but was soon removed after receiving a bit of ridicule from social media users.

Luckily the hilarious balls-up has been documented for posterity by several different people on Facebook and Twitter.

The image was used to illustrate a story about the retirement of American Football League coach Daniel Maher, showing the Albury Tigers celebrating his departure after he took them to a Premiership win at the weekend.

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