Boris Johnson's Plan To Lift Covid Rules Torn Apart By Twitter Critics: 'Negligence!'

"The entirety of public health policy [is] just a f***king plaything for the prime minister."
Boris Johnson
Boris Johnson
TOLGA AKMEN via Getty Images

Boris Johnson will announce the lifting of mandatory Covid self-isolation for positive cases on Monday – but not everyone is on board with this radical new step.

The ‘Living with Covid’ strategy not only means people can continue to work and socialise even if they have the virus, but will limit public access to the free testing kits after it was revealed it cost £2 billion a month for taxpayers on Sunday.

As a cabinet row has briefly delayed the plan, No.10 has been criticising for rushing the plan through just one month before the Covid measures were set to expire anyway.

While the prime minister has claimed that lifting the domestic Covid rules in England will be a “moment of pride” for the nation, others have expressed concerns that this could be outright dangerous.

Shadow health secretary Wes Streeting said: “The government is paralysed by its own chaos and incompetence and the British public are paying the price.

“This shambles cannot continue. What confidence can the public have that the Conservatives are acting in the national interest, when they can’t agree a plan for Covid?”

It’s not just the opposition who have voiced their worries either.

Here’s a roundup of all the most pressing fears over Johnson’s controversial new move:

There’s ‘no sound scientific reasons’ for acting now

It’s a tactic to ‘avoid a leadership challenge’

Vulnerable people will be directly affected

Positive cases will still have to go into work if their employers tell them to

Relying on testing to end isolation would be more effective

The new strategy is ‘negligent’

People are still dying from Covid

It will be harder to spot new variants with less testing


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