Boston Dynamics' Robots Are Dancing Now, And Yes, It's Still Scary

"This is what they'll do when they win," one Twitter user quipped.

This is how the robot overlords will celebrate when they take over.

Boston Dynamics, the Massachusetts company known for its cutting-edge work in robotics, released footage on Tuesday of its famous robot collection boogieing to The Contours’ 1962 R&B hit “Do You Love Me?”

The impressive performance featured the humanoid Atlas, dog-inspired Spot and box-moving Handle, all of which move with unsettling precision in the nearly 3-minute routine.

It went viral after it was shared by Reza Zadeh, a technology executive and machine learning expert, who said that the dance made the robots “less intimidating.”

Tesla founder Elon Musk seemed impressed but summed up the general sentiment in one word:

The company has become widely known through viral videos of its incredibly agile and advanced robots.

Its most famous machine, Spot, is already being put to work in the real world. The robot maker began leasing out its Spot models in September 2019, and they have since been used to patrol oil rigs, assist law enforcement, help on construction projects and in hospitals to help doctors communicate with Covid-19 patients.

Hyundai Motor Group purchased a controlling stake in the company from SoftBank Group earlier this month for $1.1 billion. The companies said in a statement that the deal would elevate their respective strengths in manufacturing, logistics, construction and automation.

Some Twitter users welcomed our dancing robot masters with open arms. Others will probably need a lot more convincing.


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