Little Boy Asks For 'Bald' Haircut Like His Neighbour, Gets Exactly What He Wished For

If you don't ask, you don't get.

A little boy got just what he wished for when he asked his uncle to cut his hair like his bald next door neighbour.

Instead of laughing off the request, Sean Wrightson got out the clippers and decided to work his magic.

"He told me he wanted it like my next door neighbour's, bald on top and got a little bit of hair on sides, so being the great uncle I am I gave the kid what he wanted haha," Wrightson wrote on Facebook.

The photos of his nephew's hair have been liked more than 27,000 times and shared nearly 9,000 times on Facebook since 17 May.

"As if you actually did that!" one person wrote. "I would never just give my child what he wanted."

Others, luckily, seemed to find the funny side of it.

"Gotta give it to you, you just gave him what he wants. Hahaha," one wrote.

A family member, most likely to be the young boy's mother or auntie, updated the post with a later version of the haircut.


By the looks of the comments on the post, Wrightson later shaved it all off.

Perhaps the little one wasn't such a fan of the bald-style haircut after all.

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