Little Boy’s ‘Coco’ Birthday Song For Late Sister Will Tug At Your Heartstrings

'Remember me, though I have to travel far, remember me.'

A young boy’s touching tribute to his late baby sister is striking a chord around the world.

Stephanie and Samir Deais, from San Antonio, US, filmed four-year-old Alexander singing ‘Remember Me’ from the animated movie ‘Coco’ to a photograph of his sibling Ava Lynn on what would been her first birthday.

Remember me, though I have to travel far, remember me,” the youngster sings in the clip, as he strums his toy guitar.

Samir Deais shared the tender footage to Twitter on 31 December.

“He’s only four years old and he understands,” Deais wrote. “He didn’t even know he was being recorded. He just wanted to sing to her for her 1st birthday.”

The video had garnered more than 1.3 million views.

Ava Lynn died in May 2017 after being diagnosed with the kidney condition hydronephrosis.

The reaction to Alexander’s tribute was “nothing short of beautiful,” Samir Deais told

All this ugly in the world and these kinds of things make it still seem beautiful in the dark times,” he said. “All these blessings for our small family make us very humbled and thankful and blessed.”

Deais later tweeted that the family had been “brought to tears” by the global response to the footage.

“We were FLOORED last night,” he wrote. “I couldn’t be more thankful. Thank you to everyone from our little family.”

Deais also credited the Disney-Pixar movie ‘Coco’, which centres around Mexico’s ‘Day of the Dead’ tradition, and from which the song came, with helping Alexander cope with his sister’s death.

This story was originally published on the US version of HuffPost.

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