09/03/2017 11:17 GMT

Boy Talks About Farts On Live TV, Weatherman Has Every Parent's Reponse

So unimpressed.

Parents will be only too familiar with kids’ obsession with farts, bottoms and generally anything to do with poo.

We don’t know what it is, but to these kids toilet humour isn’t just funny, it is the foundation of all conversations for the best part of a decade.

And to be honest, if we never heard another knock-knock fart joke, it would still be too soon.

Now one boy has taken his obsession nationwide, after crashing a live weather report on Mississippi news station, WLBT. 


About twenty seconds into the segment, the pint-sized studio demon enters the frame (much to the horror of meteorologist Patrick Ellis), saying: “I don’t know what’s going on. Are you sure? Are you crazy sure?”

The boy then decides to ramp up the cringe factor and bends over to pass wind on Ellis, adding: “There are farts and toots everywhere.”

Although the child gets swiftly removed by a member of the production team, all we can say is: Ellis, we sympathise.  

We really do.