14 Kids Who Have Absolutely No Chill

'I wouldn't let her wear dirty underwear as a hat.'

Children are mostly reasonable human beings, but there are some occasions when they completely lose their cool.

For example, when you dare to peel their banana without permission or they’re desperately in need of a nap.

These 14 hilarious children caught mid-tantrum prove that kids have absolutely zero chill.

1. When you can’t achieve the impossible.

2. When you let them eat all the cake.

3. When you dare to address them.

4. When you make a kind gesture.

5. When you let their siblings eat with them.

6. When you accidentally touch their property.

7. When you give them a sibling.

8. When you let them lose a piece of paper.

9. When they try to disown you in public.

10. When you make them use the toilet instead of a potty.

11. When you won’t let them take tampons out of the house.

12. When you try to throw away their s**t.

13. When you won’t let them steal.

14. When you are just the worst parent in the world.

We think someone needs a nap.