Boy With Rare Condition Defies The Odds To Walk Again After Major Surgery

Giovanni has Schwartz–Jampel syndrome (SJS).

The heartwarming moment an eight-year-old took his first steps after major surgery has been caught on camera.

Giovanni Algarin, eight, from Pennsylvannia, US, suffers from genetic disorder Schwartz–Jampel syndrome (SJS) and recently had hip-reconstruction surgery.

His condition means he has a rare form of dwarfism, which causes his muscles to become tight and stiff.

After hip surgery, Giovanni’s parents were told he may never walk again.

He proved them wrong.


The inspirational video shows Giovanni taking his first steps using a metal walker. He walked across the room and into his mum’s arms.

What an adorable moment.


Giovanni was diagnosed with Schwartz-Jampel Syndrome at the age of two years old. He has had eight surgeries to date.

“Giovanni is the sweetest, kindest, and funniest little boy you could ever meet,” his parents wrote on the Facebook page dedicated to their son.

“He loves to sing, dance, paint, colour, play video games, and tell jokes.

“His best friends are his kitty cat Zooey and his Scottish Terrier, Lolli Bear.

“Giovanni refuses to allow SJS to define him and wants to show the world there is so much more to him than a wheelchair.”

Follow Giovanni’s journey on the Facebook page ‘Schwartz Jampel Syndrome and Giovanni’.

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