You Can Give This Zero-Waste Bra The Send-Off It Deserves By Burying It In Your Garden

You may want to warn your neighbours first!

She provides you with support when you most need it - through dates, job interviews and gym sessions - so it’s only right that when she perishes, you give her a good send-off.

No, we’re not talking about your BFF, or your favourite cat. We’re talking about your bra.

Sydney-based lingerie designer Stephanie Devine, founder of brand Bras Without Wires, is set to launch the world’s first zero-waste bra. With no underwire and made from tencel, a sustainable material derived from regenerated wood, the bra is completely biodegradable.

Like a good pet, Devine says the bra can even “be buried in the garden after use”, because all the best clothes deserve an environmentally-friendly funeral.

A Kickstarter to help fund production costs for the bra, aptly named The Very Good Bra, is set to launch on 19 May.

It is estimated £140 million worth of clothing goes into landfill each year and according to The Very Good Bra’s website, underwear is one of the worst offenders. It says the two billion women on the planet own, on average, nine bras each, which equates to a whopping 18 billion bras heading towards landfill for the current world population.

The new bra is made from tencel rather than cotton, as its production uses less water. It will come in 24 sizes and cost $89 (Austrian dollars), around £49. “It costs more because our factory workers earn a living wage,” the makers say.

So far they’ve kept the estimated launch date close to their chests (pun completely intended), but more details will be revealed as and when the Kickstarter reaches its target.

They’re also yet to confirm how long the bra will take to decompose, so if you bury it in your garden and move house, there’s no telling if the new occupants will stumble upon your underwear graveyard when doing a spot of weeding.


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