27/01/2017 13:09 GMT

'Fraudster' Tricks Aldi Worker Into Handing Over £329 Refund For TV He Hadn’t Even Bought

He even shook hands with the manager.

These images show the moment a “fraudster” brazenly fooled an Aldi shop assistant into handing over £329 in cash – for a TV he hadn’t even bought.

The man was captured on CCTV carrying a Bauhn 49 inch Smart TV to a check-out. 

He told the cashier he did not have a receipt but demanded a refund for the item. 

Lincolnshire Police
CCTV captured the man carrying a TV to the till 

When the worker refused, the blond-haired man walked across to speak to the store manager and shook him by the hand. 

He then returned to the tills and the cashier paid him the money, believing the manager had approved the refund. 

The con was carried out at the Aldi supermarket in Lincoln on 2 January this year. 

Lincolnshire Police
The staff member believed the manager had authorised the refund and handed the money over 

A Lincolnshire Police spokesman said: “A man walked into this supermarket and picked up a boxed television on the shop floor. 

“He then walked straight to one of the tills and asked the cashier for a refund without a receipt. 

“The man then leaves the till to speak with the manager, shakes his hand and returns to the cashier who believed permission had been given for a refund. 

“The man received £329.99 and left the store.” 

Anyone with information is asked to call the police on 101.