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You’re devouring your favourite Netflix show, the other half has gone somewhere weird with the new series of Twin Peaks, the
If you've got an old iPhone or Smart TV that's starting to show its age then you might be about to lose YouTube. Google announced
A reddit user has claimed that their Samsung TV has started randomly showing adverts while watching films, even if you own
Tech giant Samsung has warned customers against discussing personal or sensitive information in front of its voice-activated
A new flaw has been found in todays smart TVs which means a hacker could easily gain access and start monitoring you with
Amazon has unveiled the 'Fire TV', its new set-top box designed to turn your boring old screen into a fully connected smart
When catch-up TV first started gaining traction some heralded it as the death of the TV set. Why would anyone invest in a new TV set when they could watch the programme of their choice on their laptop or smartphone, and for free?
When the FIFA circus rolls into Rio next year, it might just change the way we watch television. The final will be produced in 4K ultra-high definition. And if the World Cup has its usual uplifting effect on high-end TV sales, this could be the moment 4K starts to go mainstream. But what is 4K TV and why should we care?