18/01/2017 16:29 GMT

'Brexit Brows' Are The Next Big Beauty Trend, Apparently

Just when 2017 was looking up.

A new beauty trend is here to remind us all why we hated the travesty that was 2016 - introducing, the ‘Brexit brow’.

According to The Telegraph, Brits are going after strong, thick brows in order to look and feel “more in control” in these uncertain socio-economic times.

The newspaper also reports that the UK eyebrow market is now worth £20 million. But apparently it’s nothing to do with the Cara Delevingne Effect or anything. This is all about Brexit.

So how will you be wearing the trend? We’ve rounded up all the Brexit brow options (Note: not all of these are endorsed by Theresa May).

‘Soft Brexit’ brows.

A photo posted by Bella Hadid (@bellahadid) on

’Hard Brexit’ brows.

’Red, white and blue Brexit’ brows.

Or, just no Brexit at all - aka barely-there bleached brows.

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