Bridesmaid Raps Eminem's ‘The Real Slim Shady’ For Wedding Speech And It's On Fire

Her new lyrics are 👌

If you thought Eminem was good at rapping, let us introduce you to ‘The Real Slim Katie’.

A bridesmaid, known only as Katie, took on this stage persona at her friends’ wedding recently to deliver one of the best speeches we’ve ever heard.

Katie changed the lyrics to the classic 2000 hit ‘The Real Slim Shady’ to tell the love story of her pals Jess and Trevor.

But our favourite part of her rendition has to be the chorus.

Katie rapped: “We’re all here to celebrate a couple that is really great/Help me with a toast to the lovely hosts/Will the bridesmaids please/Raise your glass, raise your glass and drink?”

Every time the chorus came around, she changed the word “bridesmaids” to a different group of the wedding party, meaning everyone present was sufficiently boozy by the end of the five-minute song.

Katie, we salute you.

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