Brioche Buns Have Been Cancelled By The Bap Brigade (Again)

"Nobody likes them. I mean nobody."

Are you a brioche stan, or do you adore a humble bap? That’s the debate kicking off on Twitter after one user, named Jennifer, let rip at burgers served in brioche buns. Jennifer asked restauranteurs to stop selling brioche buns on the basis that “nobody likes them.”

Jennifer, is has been pointed out, is wrong. Very wrong.

Hundreds of people have weighed in to give their backing to brioche buns, sharing tips, pictures and even recipes to convert the naysayers.

But Jennifer’s tweet has gained more than 4,500 likes from the other side, with plenty of people agreeing with her that the buns have to go.

And while we’re hear, some people are coming after rocket, too.

It’s not the first time the great brioche debate has hit social media and it probably won’t be the last.

Restauranteurs, if you’re reading this, maybe just give people a choice?

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