28/05/2016 14:33 BST | Updated 28/05/2016 17:27 BST

Britain First Goes Back To Leicester, Gets Told Where To Go. Again

Because it went so well last time...

Last week Britain First was forced to abandon an anti-EU demonstration in Leicester after a large crowd chanting "racists are not welcome here" gathered.

So naturally, a week later leader Paul Golding and his activists went back.

The far-right group set up stall on Saturday afternoon and quickly set about posting images on social media to demonstrate their "massive support".

Images posted by local groups painted a very different picture and it was apparent the one or two people who visited the group's stall were far outnumbered by those showing how unwelcome they are. 

The mayor of the city himself, Sir Peter Soulsby, showed up and confronted Golding face-to-face.

He said: "This is a multi racial city and you are not welcome here.

"I have a mandate from 77,000 voters and I say on their behalf, leave Leicester."

Golding replied:  "We left because we were threatened with arrest if we did not go.

"We came back to disprove media statements that said we were driven out.

"We are here peacefully to hand out our leaflets."

Golding was later arrested by police.


Even video posted by Britain First showed the level of public resentment on show towards the group.

Last week leader, Paul Golding, and “around 20 activists” set up a stall in the centre of the city to distribute anti-EU leaflets.

But the far-right group’s message didn’t wash with the public and they were soon surrounded by ant-facist protesters. 

Police later led Britain First away.