Britain First SubReddit Trolls 'Racist' Ukip

'If you want racists I'll show you racists.'

If you’re not familiar with Reddit, the website which bills itself as “the front page of the internet” is a place where you can find... well basically anything.

Into food? There are pages dedicated to bacon, sushi and even drunken cookery.

Travel more your bag? There’s a luxury page, a shoestring guide and earth porn for some inspiration.

But what about if you want all the latest on British far-right groups prone to embarrassing gaffs and ludicrous statements?

Searching for the Britain First subreddit gets you something a little different.


And then when you click...


It takes you to the Ukip subreddit.

It should be pointed out that the statement that Ukip is more racist that Britain First is fairly contentious.

For instance, Ukip has never...

But anyway, it’s quite amusing.


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