Britain First Facebook Video Says Sadiq Khan Is Worse For London Than The Black Death And The Nazis

The Luftwaffe had nothing on Khan, apparently.

Britain First has continued its post-election defeat strop with a video attacking London's first Muslim mayor.

According to the far-right group, the capital has "fallen to Islam" and Sadiq Khan is more dangerous than the Luftwaffe.

The video begins with images of "the London our parents and grand-parents would recognise", pictures of coppers, mums with prams and other apparently ideal post-war Britain scenarios.

It then skips 70 years of context and declares: "After surviving the Black Death, the Great Fire and the Blitz, London falls to Islam."

The rest of the clip is an attempted character assassination as leader Paul Golding tries to tie Khan to 9/11.

Paul Golding turns his back on Khan during his victory speech.
Paul Golding turns his back on Khan during his victory speech.
LEON NEAL via Getty Images

Around 40,000 civilians were killed during the Blitz while the Great Plague claimed over 100,000 lives and six people died during the Great Fire of London.

So far Khan has announced plans for a Bus Hopper fare.

Further evidence of London's apparent demise is hammered home with four photographs of Muslims praying peacefully in the sun.

On Friday evening, Britain First posted a Facebook video deploring the election results.

An almost teary-eyed deputy leader, Jayda Fransen, said: “So, London has voted and I’m very sorry to say London now has its first Muslim mayor.

“This is a very sad day and I’m sure it is not what our grandparents fought for.

“For a man who follows an extreme and barbaric ideology to have control of our capital is an outrage.”

During Khan's acceptance speech, Golding turned his back as the Labour MP made his victory speech.

Unfortunately, it fell rather flat as most people didn't even know who he was.

Interestingly, 8.7% of those who voted for Britain First chose Khan as their 2nd choice.


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