06/08/2016 18:42 BST | Updated 06/08/2016 20:54 BST

Britain First's Rio Olympics 2016 Team GB Post Is A Bit Ironic

Maybe they're suspending their fight for banning Islam for 2 weeks.

It’s hardly a secret that Britain First doesn’t like Muslims - part of their manifesto states it wants a “comprehensive ban” of Islam in the UK.

But it would appear the group is going to make an exception for a select few for at least two weeks... 

Of course the group doesn’t want to bring attention to the fact there are six Muslims on Britain’s Olympic team, at least one comment pointing out just that was swiftly deleted by their admins.

So who are these six that have the unwanted honour?

Mo Farah

I can't believe it's been 4 years..!!! #madmo #onemomile #moknows #teamgbr

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As you will be aware, Farah, 33, is pretty successful being a double Olympic Champion, 5-time World Champion, 8-time European Champion.

Mohamed Sbihi

Warren Little via Getty Images
Mohamed Sbihi.

Sbihli, 28, is a British rower of Moroccan origin and won bronze at London 2012.

He told the Guardian at the time: “One of the things Islam teaches you is that everyone’s the same regardless of background or their faith. It’s exactly the same in sport. We go through such hard times together as a group it doesn’t matter where you’re from, or how rich or poor you are. You’re in there for one reason and that’s to row the boat well.”

Adam Gemili

Gemili is captain of the of the athletics team despite being only 22.

On accepting the honour he said: “It was a real honour to be asked and I wasn’t sure at first whether to accept because I knew there were others in the team who had more experience.”

Qais Ashfaq

Qais Ashfaq will be competing in the boxing bantamweight division.

The Leeds fighter told Artefact in 2015: “First and foremost, we have to thank Allah (God). To be honest, Islam has done a lot for me, especially in terms of boxing because it has always made me believe in myself.

“Before and after every fight, I pray – it makes me feel so much better, it helps my nerves. It make me mentally confident and physically confident. Little things in that belief in God it makes a difference and makes the world a better place.”

Galal Yafai 

Yafai, 23, is another boxer and he will compete in the light-flyweight division and he’s already won his first fight.

Muhammad Ali

Last and certainly not least we have another boxer. 

Ali, 20, will be competing in the flyweight division.

On being the youngest member of Team GB he said: “They ask, ‘Is it not too much pressure?’, but I’m the youngest on the British squad so where’s the pressure? I’m living up to the name to the best of my ability. If I could win a medal it would be doing it justice.”