19/10/2016 12:21 BST

British Army Faces Racism Claims Over 'Blackface' Tweet

It claimed soldiers required 'a robust sense of humour'.

The British Army has been accused of racism after posting a picture of a soldier which a number of people complained appeared to reference blackface.

The tweet, sent out by the Army’s official Twitter account, claimed that being a solider in the jungle “requires a robust sense of humour” and featured a picture of an officer wearing black camouflage face paint.

A screenshot of the tweet sent out by the British Army's official social media account which has since been deleted

The tweet has since been deleted.

But not before a number of Twitter users criticised it.

An Army spokesperson said: “The content of the Tweet shows a picture of a soldier wearing camouflage and concealment measures, standard for jungle training in Belize.

“We can see how the Tweet may have been misinterpreted, have immediately removed it and apologise for any offence it may have caused.”