04/01/2017 14:21 GMT

British Freerunner Nye Frankie Newman Dies In 'Train Accident' On Paris Metro

His friends deny that he was train surfing.

A British freerunner who died in a “train accident” in Paris has been remembered by friends and family as “inspirational”.

Nye Frankie Newman, from Guildford, was involved in a “train accident on the Metro” on Sunday, his parkour group said. 

Newman was a keen participant of the craze which sees people climb and jump over obstacles and buildings in urban environments.

Nye Frankie Newman died in a 'train accident' on the Paris Metro.

Photographs on his social media accounts show him leaping between buildings in Hong Kong and somersaulting on the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland.

The day before he died, Newman said that he was “feeling blessed” in a post on Facebook.

The post read: “Its (sic) been a hectic year full of lots of mental memories and some unfortunate things like leaving the EU, but hopefully it will all only lead to a better future.

“Thanks to everyone who made this year for me, here’s one from Hong Kong a few months ago. Happy new year.”

Luke Stones, who was part of the same parkour and free running group known as Brewman, said in a post on the group’s Facebook page that his friend “wasn’t train surfing as many of you may assume” at the time of his death.

He described Newman as “an incredible human being who was always up for anything” and “experienced things in his short life that many won’t experience in their lifetimes”.

Newman always gave a “positive outlook to any situation” and “inspired so many people through his enthusiastic lifestyle”.

“He was the type of guy who had no regrets in his life and lived every day like it was his last.”

Joe Groombridge, from Aldershot, wrote on Facebook: “Devastated to hear this. Had the pleasure of knowing Nye Frankie Newman for a number of years and from a young age he was always wild and eccentric with so much to give.

“Stories I’ve heard of his travels tell me he lived his life in the exact same way inspiring people across the world doing what he loved most. Taken too soon, RIP.”

James Dickson wrote: “Such an inspirational guy has just lost his life, it’s such a shock and just shows us that life is delicate, Nye lived his life to the fullest and will be missed by many, rest in peace man.”