British Traveller Harry Greaves Missing In Peru

His family said it was out of character for him not to contact anyone.

Concern is growing for a 29-year-old English traveller who has not been seen since he went to visit a mountain in Peru more than a week ago.

The family of Harry Greaves said it is out of character for him not to contact anybody but stressed he was well-prepared, the Press Association reported.

The Lucie Blackman Trust, which works to support Britons in crisis abroad, said on its website that a thorough search had been made of the area Greaves was visiting with no sign found of him.

<strong>Harry Greaves was in Peru when he went</strong><strong>missing</strong>
Harry Greaves was in Peru when he wentmissing
Lucie Blackman Trust

The trust said Greaves, who is from near Oswestry, Shropshire, flew to Peru on 20 February. He was travelling in the country while visiting friends in Pisac, near Coscou.

The website said: “He attended a permaculture course before heading into the jungle with a group. He sent two very positive and happy emails home and seemed to be enjoying his time there.”

The trust said that on April 7 he told friends he wanted to spend the day by himself on a mountain and they expected to see him back on April 10 but he did not return.

Furniture maker Greaves was 29 on April 9.

The website said: “Harry does often desire to travel alone and he is very practical, self-reliant and used to outward bound activities. He set out with full travelling kit including tent and sleeping bag.

“However, a thorough search of the area he intended to visit has been made without success.”

It added: “Whilst it may be that he decided to explore another area than previously planned, concern is mounting for Harry's safety and well-being.”

Greaves’s family told the BBC it was "out of character” for him to be out of touch for so long. His sister, Ellen Greaves, said: “He's done a number of outdoor trips before. We understand he went with provisions - with a tent and food."

"We've contacted the Foreign Office here. Interpol now know all the details and, out there, his friends have contacted the local police, local bus stations, local taxis.”