27 Tweets That Perfectly Sum Up This Very British Heatwave

"Can't sleep because it's too hot; can't open the window in case spiders crawl in."

Oh, it’s great being British, isn’t it? We moan for months on end about the rain and wind and grey skies and how we wish summer would get a hurry on. Then someone mentions the word ‘heatwave’, we all bulk buy sunscreen and barbecue food, only for the hot weather to arrive – and we can’t deal.

As temperatures soared this weekend, the nation did what it does best: took off all its clothes, acquired some dodgy tan lines, started getting just a little too warm now, actually – then tweeted the world about it.

(And the world said: “call this a heatwave!?”)

Temperatures top 30°C and we can’t cope

Hands up who got any sleep last night

And on ‘Freedom Day’ eve, too

We’re hot. So very hot

Possibly even *too* hot

Ok, so it’s not hot *everywhere*

Some people are in excellent spirits

While for others, the struggle is real

Just don’t forget your suncream

And be careful what you wish for