01/08/2018 15:20 BST | Updated 02/08/2018 12:53 BST

21 Things Everyone Seeing Britney Spears At Brighton Pride Is Currently Experiencing

🌈 She was born to make us happy 🌈


Far be it for us to declare a pop emergency, but it’s almost time for Britney Spears to grace Brighton Pride with her presence, and to be quite honest, we are beside ourselves with excitement. 

However, with thousands set to descend on the seaside town this Saturday for the biggest celebration in the British LGBTQ calendar, we are certainly not alone. 

Britney fans up and down the country are currently going through a range of emotions in the lead up to the big day, of which we’re sure these 21 are bound to feature...

1. Current status every time the words ‘Brighton’ and ‘Pride’ pop into your head:

2. When you then remember you paid a bargain price to see Britney literal Spears

3. But thinking about all those Britney fancy dress options has got you like

4. There’s almost too much choice

5. When you finally settle on one and know you’re going to feel 🔥🔥🔥

6. Although you’re planning a back up option, just in case

7. When you realise Britney has been put on the same bill as Pixie Lott and Ella Eyre

8. When someone suggests leaving the dance tent to catch their sets

9. When you think about the feels you will have when ‘Stronger’ comes on

10. You and the crew getting your routines perfected

11. Remembering you still know all the words to ‘Sometimes’

12. When you catch yourself getting a little bit too excited

13. Quite often this happens when you’re bored in the office, and your boss has to remind you it’s not Saturday quite yet

14. When some fun sponge tells you, ‘you know she doesn’t sing live, right?’

15. Or tells you that they were ‘always more of Christina fan’

16. When you think about the time you will have to get there to bag a good spot, but worry about needing the toilet


17. When you realise there’s still one person you haven’t told how excited you are 

18. No, seriously. 

19. When you think about what an amazing moment it will be for the LGBTQ community

20. When you momentarily contemplate a post-Britney at Pride world


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