Britney Spears Shuts Down Trainer For Saying She Needs Her ‘Younger Body Back’

The pop star told fans on Instagram that the negative comment left her in tears.
Britney Spears
Britney Spears
Steve Granitz via Getty Images

Not even Britney Spears can escape toxic body-shaming.

After the pop icon shared that a personal trainer said some less-than-savory things about her body, she blasted their insensitive comments on social media.

“I took the time 2 months ago to find a trainer,” Britney wrote on Instagram on Monday alongside a video of her dancing in a midriff-baring crop top and shorts. “The first thing she did to me was literally — and I’m not even lying — pinch the skin on my stomach and legs and told me I need to get my younger body back.”

The 41-year-old questioned “why the hell she did that” before sharing that the trainer’s behaviour left her in tears.

“It made me cry. I obviously didn’t hire her so I did it myself!!!” Spears wrote, explaining that she’s since become her own trainer.

“I work out for 45 min, 3x a week, that’s it!!!” she said of her fitness routine. “I hate working out for too long. I’m sharing this because I have worked hard to get in shape, yet I don’t look like the pictures that the paps take!!!”

It didn’t take long for fans to swoop in with words of encouragement for the star on Twitter.

Elsewhere in her post, the Grammy winner wrote, “my body ain’t perfect,” but she likes to “share what my body looks like at the moment” because “I worked my ass off.”

Bemoaning recent paparazzi pictures that she considered unflattering, the hitmaker added: “For some people like that trainer who might see those nasty pap pics and secretly smile. Yup, y’all got it. I have 4 hours of footage from me shooting this yesterday and bitch, I’m just getting started.”

Last August, Britney updated fans on her life post-conservatorship. In a since-deleted post, she wrote that her “spirits are better” but that she’ll “forever be traumatised by my past experience.”

In November 2021, a Los Angeles judge ended the legal arrangement that gave the singer’s father, Jamie Spears, control over her finances and decisions about her personal life and health.

Britney also got candid about crying herself to sleep daily and being troubled by insecurities.

“My life is by no means picture perfect … I cry myself to sleep most night … I’m insecure as hell,” she wrote at the time.

But elsewhere in the since-deleted post, Spears said she had finally reached the stage of wanting “more” in life after never even having “seconds at the dinner table.”

“I WANT MORE lately,” she wrote. “It’s called MORE and maybe MORE isn’t so bad … and opening to MORE and the DOOR.”

In August, Britney also hit the mic once more for a musical collaboration with legendary singer Elton John for the track Hold Me Closer, which marked her first musical release since her conservatorship ended.


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