Brooklyn Beckham Cut Off His Hair And Fans Can't Cope With The Sudden Change


Brooklyn Beckham has decided to cut his hair and fans aren’t sure they appreciate the sudden surprise.

Fans who were attached to Beckham’s fuller locks, which he has styled from sweeping quiffs to edgy bleached blond tones, are now in mourning.

One commented: “NOT YOUR HAIR 😭 ”. While another said: “You’re more handsome with longer hair.”

But many loved the change, with one saying that “he low key looks really good though.”

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The famous child of David and Victoria Beckham landed in controversy recently, when he posed for photographer Damon Baker in a moody black and white editorial, which featured him wielding a gun.

“I feel that this creative moment was unfairly seized and exploited to fit the narrative of “Brooklyn Beckham promotes gun violence,” said the photographer.

He continued: “That’s art. If it doesn’t move you, if it doesn’t wake you up, what’s the point?

“In many ways we are living in dark times, where freedoms and livelihoods are being stripped from the people pretty much at gunpoint. I don’t think it is the job of my generation to sugarcoat reality.”

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Beckham’s latest editorial might be an attempt at pushing for that elusive ‘bad boi’ rep during his youth. After all, if it’s good enough for Johnny Depp and Justin Bieber...

Regardless of the controversy, the photoshoot featuring Beckham’s locks was largely applauded by many - who may now realise it was his mane’s swan song to the world. For now.

As one fan aptly pointed out: “Its hair. It grows back... But maybe he’ll shave all off?”

Heaven help Instagram if that happens.


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