09/06/2017 10:24 BST | Updated 09/06/2017 10:46 BST

Creative Gender Reveal: Brothers Smash Cupcakes To Find Out If They'll Have A Brother Or Sister

'Nooooooooooooo!' 🙈

A pregnant mum-of-three tried her hardest to make her gender reveal exciting for her boys, but one of them was far from impressed with the result. 

The mum, from Kentucky, US, lined up dozens of cupcakes in front of her sons and instructed them to smash all the cakes open. 

They were told if they found pink filling in one of the cupcakes, they’d be having a sister and blue filling meant they’d have another brother. 


The mum asked the older boys if they wanted a brother or sister, while her youngest, Joe, sat in his highchair.

Her eldest (Liam, on the left) said he wanted a sister but his brother Andy (in the middle) wanted a brother.

The cupcake smashing commenced and the boys had a whale of a time until Liam found pink filling inside one of them.

“It’s pink!” he shouted.

“You’re having a baby sister,” his mum replied.

While Liam was jumping around in excitement, Andy was far from impressed. 


“Nooooo,” Andy screamed. “I don’t want a sister!”

And instead of accepting the news, he carried on smashing the cupcakes in the hope of finding one with blue filling. 

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