Bryan Adams Tweets About His Pro-Brexit, EU Referendum Leanings (Yep, The Canadian Singer)

The only thing that looks good on me is EU.

Forget Boris, Dave or your mate down the pub, the one person whose opinion on Brexit you really wanted has finally spoken.

What? You couldn't care less what a 56-year-old Canadian singer currently taking advantage of the Schengen Agreement and touring Europe unimpeded has to say on the future of Britain?

Mr Adams performing in Canada earlier this year.
Mr Adams performing in Canada earlier this year.
Mike Ridewood / Reuters

You're not alone.

To be fair to Mr Adams, he did spark quite a debate, with many people agreeing with his political leanings...

This chap is so out he said it twice, like the imagined lyrics of a dreary EU-regulated Hokey Cokey.

And of course, the Remain camp were represented, some cramming not only their take on Brexit into 140 characters but also some choice musical critique.


Perhaps though, it's all a nifty ploy.

The line up for the anti-Europe Bpop Live concert took a severe hit yesterday when it's pre-Maastricht era lineup bailed due to the threat of appearing onstage with Nigel Farage's actual face.

Sister Sledge and East 17 followed Alesha Dixon and 5ive in announcing they would be withdrawing from the event that Farage had tipped as the “biggest rally in modern British political history”.

Only ex-Rose Royce singer Gwen Dickey is still confirmed to perform, unless Bryan has some free time....

It's a shame Bryan isn't batting for the pro-EU side though when you look at all the gloriously repetitive cliches he could work into his songs.

  • Run to EU
  • Everything I do I do it for EU
  • EU belong to me
  • Never let go (of closer economic integration)
  • Maastricht Summer of '93
  • The only thing that looks good on me is EU
  • I though I'd died and gone to Brussels
  • 8270 night love affair

We'll stop now. Over to you...

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