Bryan Cranston Tells Graham Norton About That One Time He Got Caught Having Sex In A Tunnel In The Alps


‘The Graham Norton Show’ has seen some interesting stories recalled in recent years - Robbie Williams, we’re looking at you - and Bryan Cranston became one of the many celebs who have shared a filthy one during Friday (13 October) night’s show.

Appearing on the show alongside Nicole Kidman, Colin Farrell and Matt Lucas, the ‘Breaking Bad’ actor explained that a travel agent recommended that Bryan and his wife, Robin Dearden, go through the Alps on a train as the couple’s trip was to be their honeymoon.

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He explained: “There’s a flatbed truck, it takes three cars bumper-to-bumper on a flatbed, and then you go through the Alps.

“‘By the way,’ he [the travel agent] says, wink wink, ‘There are three tunnels. The first tunnel, it is about five minutes, the second tunnel is about eight-to-ten minutes. The third tunnel is 50 minutes long, if you’re a honeymooner’.

“We’re on the train, there’s a van in front of us with a bunch of Italian families. Behind us… two Italian couples. We start going into the tunnels and it’s a massive experience, emotionally and physically.

“The wind is whipping through and it’s pitch dark. You cannot see anything. It’s fascinating. We come out of the tunnel and into the station, and I say to [my wife] Robin, that’s one.

“We go up, we start again. Pitch dark, can’t see. We come out of it, that’s two. She’s like, oh god! Start the third tunnel, wait until it’s absolutely pitch dark, here we go! It’s a small rental with the stick shift, and I’m like trying to get my trousers off.

Robin and Bryan in February 2016
Robin and Bryan in February 2016
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“She’s trying to lower her chair. You cannot see anything, so it’s all by feel. One thing I learned is never be completely nude when transferring one seat over the stick shift.

“Keep your trousers on and do it afterwards… So we are inflagrante, as they say, I don’t know where to put my hands.

“Now what’s happening is that my eyes are adjusting. I can see her profile, she’s a beautiful woman. Love her with all my heart. I can see her, her pretty face, and it’s great. The eyes weren’t getting used to total pitch black. What happened is we were coming to a station! Boom! Sunlight!

“My wife says those three words to me that every husband wants to hear: ‘Get off me!’”

Bryan then pondered whether the travel agent had lied and played a joke on them - knowing the tunnel was really only 15 minutes long - and quite frankly, we’re surprised he didn’t ask him this question himself after returning to the US.

So far this series, the ‘Graham Norton Show’ has already played host to a number of unexpected moments and last month, we saw Margot Robbie tattoo a fan(!) when she stopped off for a chat.

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