Fitness Fanatic Mum Of Twins Shares Kitchen Workout Routine To Help Parents Snap Out Of Low Moods

'Mummas, do something for you, even if it is for just two minutes.'

A personal trainer who is mum to one-year-old twin boys has shared a video of a kitchen workout that boosted her low mood on a tough day.

Anna Strode, 31, from Melbourne, Australia, said she did the routine after having one of those days where she wanted to "crawl up in a ball and cry".

Her twins had been screaming all day, refusing to eat and weren't happy at all. So to stop herself feeling like she'd achieved nothing all day, she did a workout.

"Being a good mumma isn't about ticking jobs off a list, it's about taking the good with the bad, getting through the shitty days and living for the good days," she wrote on her Instagram workout video.

"My workout this morning was stopped mid-way through due to two grizzly monkeys so I added in this little circuit at their dinner time.

"Fair to say it snapped me out of my low mood and helped me feel like I'd done something for me, which when you've been crying on the floor with two upset bubbas all day, that's a nice feeling."

"Mummas, remember to do something for you, even if it is for just two minutes in between the madness," Strode added.

In the video, Strode does a series of squats, lunches, squat jumps and leg raises while her twins are sat happily in their highchair.

She moves around the kitchen island by lunging, then stands in front of her cooker watching the water boil and squatting.

Funnily enough, her twins are fascinated by it and end up turning around to watch her bopping up and down.

Strode regularly posts videos of her workouts with her kids on her Instagram account Bubs2Bikinis.

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