'Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ Workout Bingo Is The Nostalgic Way To Get Fit

'Every time Buffy saves someone’s life hold a squat.'

’Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ is celebrating its 20th anniversary and to mark the occasion, you can now complete a kickboxing workout inspired by your favourite heroine.

The workout, created by Reebok, is a ‘Buffy Bingo’ designed to get you up and moving while you’re binge-watching the boxset this weekend.

We think Buffy would approve, after all, she’s always been pretty kick-ass.

Push back your sofa and prepare to get a body worthy of a vampire slayer.

Anytime Sunnydale or Hellmouth is mentioned or seen do five squat punches.

Every time you hear the wolf howl in the opening credits do reverse lunge kicks (three on each leg).

Every time Xander makes an awkward joke do three tuck jumps.

Every time Buffy saves someone’s life hold a squat while doing upper cuts for 30 seconds.

Every time the group convenes in the library do five standing knee crunches on each side.

Each time Giles discovers something new do five plank leg extensions on each side.

Every time Willow hacks a computer do one-twos for 10 seconds.

Every time Cordelia insults someone do three squat side kicks on each side.

Every time Spike says a sarcastic comment do three frog jump punches.

Every time Angel says something cryptic do butt kicks for 30 seconds.

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