13/12/2018 18:33 GMT | Updated 14/12/2018 09:39 GMT

Family Reunited After Mum Spots Missing Son In Music Video

The man had been missing for more than six months.

A mother has been reunited with her missing son after spotting him in a music video. 

For his track ‘Run’, Bugzy Malone filmed in Manchester with real homeless people instead of actors, paying those who took part for their time. 

Speaking on radio station BBC 1Xtra, the rapper, real name Arron Davis, said his management team received an email from a woman who recognised one of the men shortly after the video was released. 

“We got an email off a mum of one of the guys, the guy had been missing for six months, to a year,” he said. “He was on the missing list. And when she’s seen him in my music video, it made her go out and find him.”

Malone then learnt that the man had tried to take his own life. When he was in hospital, his mum showed him one of the rapper’s Instagram posts. 

“A caption said, ‘My guy was special regardless of his circumstances, you never know what people have been through’,” he said. “When he’s seen that I’d written nice things about him, it inspired him to get his life back on track.

“He’s back home with his family and he’s got a girlfriend.”