25/01/2017 17:28 GMT

Burns Night Facts: How Much Do You Really Know About Robert Burns?

Grab a plate of haggis and pour yourself a wee dram of whiskey...

Burns Night is now upon us, but what exactly is Scotland’s big day all about?

The celebration commemorates the birth of iconic Scottish poet Robert Burns (also known as Robbie or Rabbie).

Born in 1759, Burns is generally known as the national poet of Scotland and is celebrated for his work around the world.

Many Scots celebrate the day with a Burns Supper - although this tradition has spread around the world among fans of the poet.

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How much do you know about Burns Night?

The supper involves a number of traditions and, of course, climax with the eating of the legendary haggis.

Poetry by Burns, who lived to just 37, may be recited alongside a variety of other rituals.

But how much do you actually know about Burn’s Night? t’s time to test your knowledge...