Caitlyn Jenner Exploring Run For California Governor: Report

The former Olympic champion and reality TV star has reportedly started talking with political consultants about a possible campaign.

Caitlyn Jenner is reportedly considering a run for governor of California if there is a recall election for governor Gavin Newsom.

Axios is reporting that the former Olympic champion and reality TV star has started talking with political consultants about a possible campaign should the recall organisers get enough signatures for an election.

One of the politicos cited by Axios is longtime GOP fundraiser Caroline Wren, who met Jenner via the American Unity Fund, a GOP nonprofit focused on LGBTQ issues.

Axios also said that Wren helped organise the rally Donald Trump held on January 6 shortly before the Capitol insurrection.

Jenner did not immediately respond to HuffPost’s request for comment.

If Jenner does run and win the recall election, she would become California’s first female governor and America’s first transgender person to be elected governor of a state.

But winning the election could be challenging: A new statewide poll suggests only 40% of California voters would support removing Newsom were the election to be held now.

Jenner is a longtime Republican and stuck with her political beliefs even after her 2015 transition made her publicly stand out from a party that pushes anti-transgender policies.

Still, she believes her political beliefs can help conservatives better understand and accept trans Americans.

“I think it’s good that I’m on the Republican side because the Republicans know that, and I have an immediate in with them to change their minds,” Jenner said in May, 2018.

She added:

The Republicans need the most work when it comes to our issues, I get that. I would rather work from the inside. I’m not the type of person who is going to stand on a street corner with a sign and jump up and down. No, I’m going to go have dinner with these people.

Many Twitter users elected to offer their opinion on Jenner’s possible campaign.

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