It's A Sin's Colin Auditioned For Let It Shine And It Was All Kinds Of Adorable

Actor Callum Scott Howells tried his chances at the Take That-inspired talent search long before joining the Pink Palace.

As loveable Pink Palace resident Colin, It’s A Sin actor Callum Scott Howells well and truly won us over with his performance in the Channel 4 drama.

However, it turns out he’s been charming viewers for a lot longer than most of us might realise.

Following the success of It’s A Sin, fans have dug out Callum’s audition for the BBC reality show Let It Shine, which saw hopefuls trying out for a spot in a new musical based on the music of Take That.

In the unearthed clip from. 2017, a 17-year-old Callum is seen introducing himself to judges Amber Riley, Dannii Minogue, Martin Kemp and Gary Barlow.

Callum Scott Howells as an adorable 17-year-old on Let It Shine.
Callum Scott Howells as an adorable 17-year-old on Let It Shine.

“I go to a school called Treorchy Comprehensive School,” he tells the panel. “And I’m Head Boy!”

“OK, [I’m] American,” former Glee star Amber responds. “What does that mean?”

Callum then explains: “So it’s like, there’s a country next to England, and that’s where I’m from.”

As the audience erupts into laughter, Amber then clarifies: “No, no, what does Head Boy mean?”

Following his intro, Callum then goes into a rendition of You’ll Be Back from the musical Hamilton, winning over the judges and earning himself 16 points out of a possible 20.

However, Callum clearly had a change of heart after his success in the audition stages, as he ended up bowing out of the contest before it went to the live shows.

As Colin in It's A Sin
As Colin in It's A Sin
Channel 4

That might have been a wise decision, all things considered. It’s A Sin has introduced Callum to a whole new legion of fans, with the show giving Channel 4’s streaming service All 4 a record-breaking month.

Since the whole series began streaming on 22 January, 6.5 million have tuned in, bagging the platform its highest monthly figure since 4OD launched in 2006.

It’s A Sin is available to watch on All4 now, with episodes also airing weekly on Channel 4 every Friday night at 9pm.


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