Cancel Christmas, Walkers Is Selling Brussels Sprout Flavoured Crisps

What fresh hell is this?

If Iceland’s ‘Christmas Tree’ flavoured crisps weren’t weird enough, Walkers has entered itself into the tournament for most controversial seasonal flavour with new Brussels Sprout flavoured crisps.

The crisps are among five festive frights and delights created by the brand, including Turkey and Stuffing, Pigs in Blankets, Glazed Ham, and Cheese and Cranberry.

Those brave enough to try the bizarre flavour can pick up an individual packet from all major retailers now from 65p. But pre-empting the crisps won’t be for everyone, Walkers has created two “rival” multi-packs, one containing the Brussels Sprout flavour and one without.

Andrew Hawkswell, marketing manager at PepsiCo, which owns Walkers, said: “Here at Walkers we know that Christmas isn’t Christmas without sprouts. Whether you grin or grimace at the sight of them, nothing divides the nation more at Christmas than a sprout.”