03/07/2017 10:29 BST | Updated 03/07/2017 17:45 BST

Cara Delevingne Debuts Sleek Platinum Bob As She Morphs Into A Robotic Woman For GQ

She's transformed again 🔥

Cara Delevingne can pull off every hairstyle with aplomb. 

The model-come-actress debuted a sleek, straight, platinum bob for a futuristic-style photoshoot for GQ magazine, and looked incredible.

Inspired by Japanese illustrator Hajime Sorayama, the model wore silver vintage fashion pieces by Manfred Thierry Mugler as she morphed into a robotic woman. 

The magazine took to Instagram on Sunday 2 July to share a sneak peek and quotes from their interview with the model. 

“I am a very outwardly free person, even though sometimes I don’t feel that way inside,” Cara told them. 

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“Inside, I have so many fears,” Delevingne continued.

“I work in an industry where I care what other people think and I’m nervous all the time. If I don’t admit that it’s going on, it comes out in my skin.

“You pretend it doesn’t exist, that’s when it comes out, whether it’s heartbreak or something at work.”

The publication also shared a seriously cool video of the model from the shoot:

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Only two months ago, the actress shaved her head for her latest film role and took to the red carpet for the 69th annual Met Gala on 1 May in New York City with her head sprayed in metallic paint. 

To keep things interesting the GQ interviewer also produced a Van de Graaff generator, allowing Delevingne to give him an electric shock if she didn’t like a question. 

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Gracing the cover of the title’s August issue, the actress looked like the character of Barbarella from the iconic 1960s film. 

The model also took to Instagram to share the GQ front cover with her 40 million followers.

“My GQ cover! Read my interview by the one and only Luc Besson, on stands 6th July,” she wrote.