Dog's Quirky Adoption Photos Are Proof That You Should Always Be Yourself

He's carving his own path, one pose at a time.

When it comes to striking a pose, four-month-old Carpe Diem has got it sussed.

The energetic pooch took the internet by storm after the rescue shelter where he lives posted his adoption photos online.

Typically, the pictures are highly-staged photos of the animals on their best behaviour, in the hope that a human will choose them.

But Carpe Diem doesn’t do typical.

We’re pleased to say that his quirky photos have paid off, earning him an army of fans online and a new adoptive family.

Photos of the tiny 4lbs dog, who is based at SF Animal Care in the US, were posted to Twitter on 11 July with the caption: “Adopt Carpe Diem and you will OWN #MyWeirdDog.”

People were amazed by the pup’s fly moves and it wasn’t long before the shelter’s tweet had been shared hundreds of times.

Carpe Diem had been up for adoption since June, after he was found wandering the streets of San Francisco.

But now, thanks to the power of the internet (and his brilliant face-pulling skills), he has found his forever human.

Deb Campbell from SF Animal Care told BuzzFeed News: “He’s silly and teeny tiny. He is one of the happiest dogs you’ll ever meet.”

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