26/09/2017 00:01 BST | Updated 26/09/2017 10:23 BST

Cat Deeley Reveals More Details On That ‘SM:TV’ Reunion - And She Has One Special Request To Ask Of You

'We want to do all the favourites...'

As revivals go, we can’t say any other show has got us quite as excited as the forthcoming ‘SM:TV’ 20th anniversary special.

The legendary Saturday morning kid’s series, presented by a very fresh-faced Ant & Dec alongside Cat Deeley, was essential viewing for any ’90s kid (not to mention hungover students and a LOT of parents).

Cat with her old 'SM:TV' chums, Ant & Dec

So news of its imminent return had us feeling very nostalgic indeed for the likes of Wonky Donkey (‘it’s got to RHYME!’), the beautiful, beautiful Corrs and the brilliantly silly ‘Friends’ spoof, ‘Chums’.

We caught up with Cat to chat about her brand new Sky 1 show ‘Sing: Ultimate A Cappella’, when she shared her excitement at the prospect of doing the ‘SM:TV’ reunion show.


“I actually can’t wait,” she told us. “We don’t know exactly when we’re going to do it but we’re all talking to each other.

“The only thing I can tell you is that we all want to make it happen. As long as we all feel that we want to make it happen, then it will happen.

“We want to do all the favourites… Cat the Dog will be in there, Chums will be in there, Wonkey Donkey will be in there.”

Jason LaVeris via Getty Images

And ahead of the 20th anniversary celebrations, Cat also revealed she has one special request for anyone planning to tune in.

“What I’d like everybody to do, I’m going to start this as a thing, is for everybody to buy the grown-up version of the pyjamas they wore back in the day, if you can get an adult size pair of Spiderman pyjamas.

“And I want people to have sleepovers and then get up and have ‘SM:TV’ pyjama parties with Mimosas and Bloody Marys and relive their youth. That’s what I want to happen.”

Your wish is our command Cat.

Cat’s new show ‘Sing: Ultimate A Cappella’ airs on Friday 6 October at 9pm, only on Sky 1 and NOW TV

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