'Celebrity Big Brother' Jamie O'Hara Puts Brakes On Bianca Gascoigne Romance

'You wouldn't want to deal with my s***.'

Jamie O’Hara appears to have cooled off his blossoming romance with fellow ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ housemate Bianca Gascoigne.

Over the past week, the two ‘CBB’ contestants have grown closer in the house, first enjoying a secret smooch in the toilets, and later sharing his bed on several occasions.

However, during a private chat in the living room, Jamie appears to have thrown the brakes on things.

<strong>Jamie opens up to Bianca, but it's not what she wanted to hear</strong>
Jamie opens up to Bianca, but it's not what she wanted to hear

He told Bianca: “I really like you… but my own situation and stuff… like with the kids, and because you’re such a great girl and such a beautiful girl, I kind of hold back. Because you wouldn’t want to deal with my shit.”

When she questioned why he felt that way, Jamie responded simply: “Because you wouldn’t.”

<strong>Well, that's uncomfortable</strong>
Well, that's uncomfortable

The “situation” he’s referring to relates to his ex-wife, Danielle Lloyd, who has publicly blasted Jamie since he entered ‘CBB’, particularly over his accusation that he pays her £15,000 a month as part of their divorce settlement.

In a magazine interview last week, Danielle fumed: “He’s obviously never respected me, because he humiliated me, and now I feel like he’s humiliating me again.

“I’m getting daily abuse since he’s been in there. Even if I post a picture of a meal, it’s like: ‘Did Jamie pay for that, you slag?’ or ‘You’re such a c*** taking your husband’s money’. I don’t deserve that.”

Jamie previously made headlines earlier in the series, after he and Nicola McLean raised eyebrows with their behaviour, following a boozy night in the house.

‘Celebrity Big Brother’ airs nightly on Channel 5.

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