29/08/2018 12:55 BST | Updated 29/08/2018 12:56 BST

'Celebrity Big Brother': Chloe Ayling 'Disgusted' To Learn About Jermaine Pennant's Marriage After Eviction

Chloe was the second housemate to leave the series.

Chloe Ayling was was “disgusted” to learn Jermaine Pennant is married after she became the second person to be evicted from ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ on Tuesday night.

The model, who was famously kidnapped last year, had spent time flirting withthe former footballer while in the house, with the pair even breaking one of the show’s fundamental rules with some of their antics.  

However, Chloe was shocked during her exit interview when she was shown a clip of him talking to fellow housemates Ben Jardine, Dan Osborne and Gabby Allen about his wife. 

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Chloe was upset when she was told about Jermaine's marriage

In response, a visibly upset Chloe told host Emma WillisNo way. I don’t even know what to say to that.” 

Asked if she feels like Jermaine led her on, Chloe said: “Yes.”

She added: ″I don’t even have any words at the moment, that is just disgusting.

“I want to apologise for doing that...I had to accept what he told me and that’s all I could really do.” 

Chloe said that Jermaine had told her he had a girlfriend, but that the flirting was fine. 

Talking about when she was leaving the house, she said: “He pulled me into the bathroom because he didn’t want to speak in front of the cameras. He was always paranoid about that.

“Then he said something like ‘we’ll talk on the outside and I’ll probably get your number or something, just play it down a bit when you get out because I do have a girlfriend’ so he admitted it to me at the end.”

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Jermaine has been married to model Alice Goodwin for four years.

Fans had the choice to save Chloe or Hardeep Singh Kohli in last night’s eviction, voting to keep the Scottish TV presenter. 

When she was out of the house Chloe was greeted to cheers from the crowd.

Speaking to Digital Spy after her exit, she issued a full apology to Jermaine’s wife. 

She said: “I would apologise to her, but then I would have to say that I could only go by what I was told and I knew nothing else.

“When you’re in that house, there’s no other way of checking what he’s saying is true. I could only believe that. I’m sorry this happened, but it’s his problem.

“I don’t think he’s worth it at all if he’d publicly do that.”

Chloe hit headlines last year when after being kidnapped in Italy, and said she hoped her stint on the show had allowed the public to “maybe see a different side to her”.

“That’s what I really wanted to achieve in this show, because I wanted to be myself and show the real me instead of how I was perceived in the media,” she told Emma. ”And that’s the main reason for doing it, so I wanted a bit more time to do that because sometimes I take a while to open up.”

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