18/01/2017 11:48 GMT | Updated 18/01/2017 12:02 GMT

Kim Woodburn Provides 'Celebrity Big Brother' With The Moment Of The Series As She Blasts Nicola McLean

'Stop it. Grow up, madame.'

Let’s be honest, the ‘All Stars And New Stars’ series of ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ has been a bit of a mixed bag.

Between Speidi’s meddling, Jedward’s nonsense chatter and Coleen Nolan’s moaning in the smoking area, it was all starting to become a bit predictable. And then came a gift from the reality TV gods, in the form of Kim Woodburn.

To say that Kim lost her cool in the most recent instalment of ‘CBB’ would be an understatement, after she reached the end of her tether with fellow housemate Nicola McLean.

After overhearing a faux row between with Speidi and Kim in the bedroom, Nicola questioned what was going on, with the former ‘How Clean Is Your House?’ star wasting no time in explaining that it wasn’t a real argument.

Channel 5
Kim says exactly how she feels

As Kim walked off, Nicola asked whether she’d told Speidi “how much she dislikes them”, which she did not take well.

Accusing Nicola of being a “stirrer”, Kim told her to “grow up” before telling her: “You see, you would love that [argument] to have been real. Oh your eyes lit up. We were having a joke.

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Yeah this was kind of our reaction, to be honest

“Shut up. Don’t play innocent with me. You’ve caused most of the trouble in here.”

Kim then fumed: “Shut up. I saw your face [when she was pretending to row with Speidi], you’re a little bitch.”

“Shut up. Don’t play innocent with me. You’ve caused most of the trouble in here.”

When Nicola then asked if she could ask Kim a question she told her bluntly: “No, because you’re nuts. Your eyes lit up then, didn’t they? You little bitch.”

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Kim lets Nicola have it

The highlights ended with Kim then taking a shower, muttering to herself that her fellow housemates were “little bitches” and “horrible people”.

It’s hard to know exactly who to root for in this case, but we’re so happy to have Kim back on our screens.

‘CBB’ airs nightly on Channel 5.

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