Celebrity Big Brother's Nicola McLean Apologises To Kim Woodburn Over Motherhood Jibe

*rushes to window to see if pigs are flying past*

Nicola McLean has apologised to Kim Woodburn, over a specific row the two had while in the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ house.

Last month, viewers suggested that Nicola had crossed a line by throwing in Kim’s face that she isn’t a mother during a heated row, particularly as the ex-‘How Clean Is Your House’ star has detailed in the past that she suffered a devastating stillbirth.

However, following her eviction in Friday’s (3 February) live final, Nicola has now insisted she had no idea about Kim’s past, and issued a public apology to her former housemate.

Nicola McLean
Nicola McLean
Karwai Tang via Getty Images

Nicola said (via The Sun): “I would stand in front of her now and apologise wholeheartedly.

“I did not know that when Kim and I had that argument, and I certainly – had I had known that – being a woman who is desperate for more kids and who has suffered two miscarriages herself, I certainly would never ever, ever have said that in a derogatory way.

“Never in my life would I ever ever be that disrespectful about anyone going through any kind of tragedy on that level.”

Kim Woodburn
Kim Woodburn
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The two repeatedly came to blows during their time in the house, but this particular argument arose when Kim suggested that Nicola should modify her behaviour in the house, as she is a mother.

When Kim shouted at her to “grow up, you’re a mum”, Nicola spat back: “And you’re not, that’s your problem. If you wanna go low, I’ll go lower.”

One of Kim and Nicola's many rows
One of Kim and Nicola's many rows

Kim was later accused of hitting below the belt during her own rows, both for branding Jamie O’Hara an “adulterer” as well as accusing Nicola of “making her reputation by showing her knockers”.

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