Iain Lee Is Not The First (And Probably Won't Be The Last) Celeb Attacked By An Animal

He can take some comfort in the fact these stars have had similar encounters.

Iain Lee may have stunned fans by revealing that he was left needing medical treatment after an owl attack, but he’s not the first celeb to suffer at the claws of a feathered - or furry - foe.

From puffins to monkeys - and even a jealous dolphin (yes, really), when it comes to being set upon by an animal or bird, it seems celebs have worse luck than most...

1. Gordon Ramsey's Huffing And Puffin
Jennifer Graylock/Keren Su/Getty Images
The chef had a close call when he slipped and fell into freezing water while filming 'The F Word'. To make matters worse, he was left needing stitches when a puffin nipped at his face.

(Please note: For the most part, the animals pictured are NOT responsible for the attacks. We'll be sure to make it clear when the real offender is present.)
2. Fabio's Flying Foe
Model Fabio was whacked in the face while riding a roller coaster at the Florida theme park Busch Gardens.

Unfortunately for him, a camera crew were on hand to catch the aftermath of the attack so yes, the bird pictured is indeed the one responsible.
3of12 3. Monkeying Around With Jason Biggs
MyLoupe/Walter McBride/Getty Images
The 'Orange Is The New Black' star cut his holiday short after being attacked by a Gibraltar Ape.
4. Susan Sarandon's Seaside Terror
Jerritt Clark/Mike Hill/Getty Images
Susan was left fearing for her life when a "jealous" female dolphin attacked, when the actress was on holiday with Timothy Leary.

The dolphin broke Susan's arm and the star later recalled: "The attendants were screaming, 'We've got to get you out!' I was afraid I was going to get my other arm broken."
5. Morrissey vs. Max The Dog
Matthias Balk/DPA/Pattarit/Getty
Animal-lover and questionable political commentator Morrissey was left with hand and arm injuries after an encounter with a dog.

The breed of the dog was never disclosed, so we can only assume it was a ferocious looking lass like this one. The pooch's name is also unknown but we like a bit of alliteration, hence the moniker we've gifted her.
6. Nibbling Niall
John Short / Design Pics/ Getty Images/ASSOCIATED PRESS
We know what you're thinking... How much damage can one tiny squirrel really do?!

Niall knows the answer, people.

The ex-1D star tore a ligament attempting to run away from one in Battersea park back in 2012 and was left on crutches and requiring knee surgery.
7. Shakira's Sea Lion Encounter
Yes, this is the ACTUAL sea lion! How exciting.

The singer was just trying to give the animal a friendly pat when it leapt out of the water. Sammy the Sea Lion (again, this name may or may not be made up) didn't manage to reach Shakira, but she was left with some nasty scrapes after leaping over rocks to escape.
8. Pets Behaving Badly
Tom Brakefield/Thaddaeus McAdams/Getty Images
You're right. Paris Hilton probably shouldn't have been keeping a kinkajou as a pet.

The socialite was forced to make a frantic 3am call to her assistant when Baby Luv (real name this time) bit her on the arm while playing.
9. Even Betty White Isn't Safe
NBC via Getty Images/Walker and Walker/Getty Images
The wonderful Betty White proved animals have no sense of respect when she revealed that a swan once attacked her.

The US star stated that being whacked by the swan's wing was "like being hit with a baseball bat".
10. Seacrest's Shark Surprise
Jason Merritt/Stephen Frink/Getty Images
Ryan Seacrest got a nasty shock when he was bitten by a shark while on holiday in Mexico.

Was the actual shark smaller than this one? Yeah, probably.
11. Rashida Jones vs. Bubbles
Mark Davis via Getty Images/cEverett/REX
Rashida, seen here with her father Quincy, was just a kid when Michael Jackson's pet chimp Bubbles attacked her.

Quincy later stated: "He bit a hole in her hand!"