The 1 Common Snack To Avoid Before Bed If You Want A Great Night's Sleep

I'm taking notes.
Brothers91 via Getty Images

I don’t know if it’s the lighter mornings or my recent late-night Good Girls rewatches, but I’ve been feeling pretty far from rested recently.

So, I’m ready to take any advice I can to improve my Zzzs... even if it means ditching one of my fave foods.

Ashley Hainsworth from Bed Kingdom says that “going to bed hungry can be detrimental to our chances of a well-earned rest,” so many of us are tempted to indulge in a light snack before sleeping.

But it turns out that one common option may be negatively affecting your sleep more than it helps it ― “a bowl of cereal is a popular choice as a light snack for many people,” Ashley explains.

“However, we should be paying close attention to what exactly is in the cereal, as choosing unwisely can have the opposite effect and keep us up.”

What’s the problem with cereal?

Firstly, if you were also disturbed by this news, you’re not alone ― I, too, love a late-night Shreddies gauntlet.

But the problem, Ashley says, is that some brands are secretly packing way more sugar than you’d expect.

Studies have shown there is a direct link between higher sugar consumption and poor sleep quality, which should be kept in mind when choosing a before-bed snack,” Ashley says.

“Cereals high in sugar give us energy, stimulate the brain, and can increase restlessness so should be avoided before bed if possible.”

So ― what should I eat, then?

As Ashley says, going to bed hungry can keep you up at night ― so don’t skip food if you’re feeling ravenous.

And while some cereals may not be the best choice, there are some tasty options that won’t mess up your sleep sched.

“Instead, choose a wholegrain-based cereal low in sugar and calories, or consider other options such as a natural yoghurt or a handful of nuts,” Ashley advises.

“Ideally, your late evening snack will offer a balance of fibre, protein, and fat to reduce the risk of a restless night.”

So, a late-night bowl of shredded wheat with yoghurt and nuts might end up servicing your sleep way better than that midnight cocoa puff delight. OK, OK, I’ll change my ways...